Uplift 9: Opioid crisis tackled with an innovative approach by some researchers in California

 opiod crisis solution

Death due to overdosing of opioid medicines has become a major concern and led to the opioid crisis in the Americas. It is a sad reality that many people have died due to the overconsumption and addiction to opioid medicines that have been prescribed to them.

San Diego County, California has however, brought about a welcome change to this scenario by starting an alternative movement which urges clinicians to look closely at the perils of overprescribing opioids. Some researchers have gathered and sent letters to three hundred and eighty one physicians in the San Diego County, alerting them about their former patients. The letters contained the information regarding an actual patient that they might have catered to, who has died of a fatal dosage of opioid medicines.

This alternative approach towards curbing the opioid crisis has been met with wonderful results, as research shows that clinicians having received these letters are 10% less likely to prescribe opioid medicines or lowering their dosage as compared to clinicians who have not received these letters. The letter also contains CDC-approved guidelines regarding the safe prescribing of opioid medicines.

According to an article which was published in Science in the last month, most of the people who are addicted to opioids are in such a state because the medicines were legally prescribed to them. It further adds that little attention has been given, and effort made to change these prescribing methods of clinicians.

Although, not a final solution, the sending of these letters has brought about a positive change and hopes to change the clinicians attitude towards the problem at hand on a conscientious level. The positive results are a ray of sunshine in California’s history and are a giant stepping stone towards curbing the real situation.

Source Link- https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/researchers-tried-to-curb-opioid-abuse-by-sending-letters-to-the-doctors/

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