Uplift 8: Elon Musk Donates Money to Help Flint Community Schools

Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Space-x

Elon Musk, the scientist, inventor and business magnate has made the headlines once again. This time it is owing to an act of generosity and kindness towards the community schools in Flint, Michigan. The city of Flint has been plagued with the availability of polluted water which makes it unsafe and unhealthy to drink.

The CEO of Tesla responded to an earnest requests from various twitter users, who had urged him to help the current situation that has been prevalent in Flint. Responding to those messages Elon Musk had tweeted earlier in mid-July that he would be helping the people at Flint with the best of his abilities, and would be contacting the mayor of Flint regarding the same.

Musk had donated a total of $480,350 thorough the Musk Foundation this week, to all the twelve schools of the Flint Community so that their buildings and their administrative facilities can have access to clean running water. With the help of his donations all the schools were able to install ultraviolet filtration systems to clean the water and provide them to the students and staff of their schools. Musk had further promised to help with the crisis in any way that he can.

The superintendent of the Flint Community Schools has expressed his gratitude for Musk by saying that they are deeply grateful for the generous gesture that Musk had showcased and are looking forward to a growing partnership with the Musk Foundation and Elon Musk himself in the future. He further stated that this generosity is instrumental in preserving the future and the health of the students at FCS and also preserving their fundamental right to clean water.

Source Link- https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/elon-musk-keeps-his-promise-donates-over-480k-to-outfit-flint-schools-with-clean-water/

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