Uplift 7: The Man Who Takes a Nap With Cats

A man in Wisconsin has become famous for taking naps with cats. The 75 year old Terry Lauerman is a local of the city who happened to visit his local animal shelter in the Green Bay area one fine day with a cat brush and the desire to brush cats.

According to the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Elizabeth Feldhausen, Lauerman simply strolled into the centre about six months ago and since then has been a volunteer. He typically brushes a cat for some time and then participates in a nap with them. He just seems to doze off in the middle of his chore only to wake up and change cats.

The shelter which is known for rescuing disabled cats which would otherwise had been killed in other facilities; offer the cats a cage free place to stay. Lauerman was made to fill up the volunteer form after he started frequenting the place. He normally stays for three hours and his actions involve brushing a cat and taking a nap. According to him he enjoys the task of brushing as much as the cats enjoy receiving them. He is aware of the eccentricities of the different cats and has formed a close bond with the felines.

The staff of the shelter were amused and uplifted upon seeing Lauerman and decided to create a Facebook post for him. In the post Lauerman has been described as a brilliant volunteer who loves the cats and brushes them almost regularly. He typically dozes off but it is not a reason for concern for the centre’s staff since that is actually beneficial for the cats. They need all the love that they can get and Terry sure provides it.

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