Uplift 6: Pigs survive CAMO and Hurricane Florence in an inspiring turn of events

Champ, Flo Rida and Jax, three 250 pound pigs have inspired people with their amazing story of survival through life in a livestock farm and surviving the terrible impact of the Hurricane Florence. The pigs are approximately 5 to 6 months old and were previously fated to become pork. Raised in concentrated animal feeding operation or CAMO, these pigs not only escaped the facility during a brutal storm which flooded the CAMO farms, but also survived through it and are in healthy condition at the moment.

North Carolina has many CAMO farms with almost 9 million pigs that are farmed throughout the state. Hurricane Florence claimed the lives of almost 5,500 pigs but these three are among the few lucky ones who had survived the storm unscathed.

The pigs have taken sanctuary in Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary located in Providence, North Carolina. Despite being through such a hard life they are eager to live and have fought very hard in order to do so, said Kirstin Hartness, the co-founder of the sanctuary. She further added that they had been in a tough life in the cramped quarters of CAMO and then been through a brutal storm and yet has the zeal and eagerness to live. They are adorable, lively and friendly pigs with the zest for life wanton trust for their caretakers. Jax, Flo and Champ were found in exhausted and injured conditions with Jax having blinded an eye and Champ donning a severely broken leg. However, they have been rescued now in an amazing feat of human kindness and are recovering in a safe and healthy environment.

Source Link- https://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/pigs-hurricane-florence-ziggys-farm-sanctuary_us_5bb774d0e4b028e1fe3d23a4

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