Uplift 24: A pizzeria employee had traveled 3 hours to deliver pizza to a guy with terminal cancer

Pizza delivery for terminal cancer patient

An unselfish act of kindness has reinstated the feeling that some people are truly the example of what it means to be human. Dalton Shaffer, an eighteen year old manager of Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, drove 230 miles to Indianapolis on the 13th of October in order to deliver two pizzas to the Morgan household. He pulled up at their driveway and handed them the pizzas at around 2:30 in the night, as the family thanked him for his kind gesture.

Richard Morgan and Julie Morgan, used to live in Battle Creek almost 25 years ago and used to feast on Steve’s Pizza whenever they had to treat themselves to something good. Even to this day, it has served as the gold standard in pizzas for the couple.

Richard has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is in hospice care with only few days to live. Julie’s father had called up Steve’s Pizza in order to get them to send in a written note that would be intended to bring some light to the family in the middle of a dark time. Instead, the phone was picked up by Shaffer, who went out of his way to bring two pizzas to the family and make them reminisce their good old’ days. The young manager kindly declined the offer of being put up in a hotel room and drove back to his home in the middle of the night, after having delivered a box of happiness to the family during a troublesome time. Julie wrote on Facebook about how thankful and glad she is at the young manager and how his gesture fills their hearts with joy and love.

Source Link- https://www.today.com/food/pizza-employee-traveled-220-miles-deliver-pizza-man-cancer-t140184

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