Uplift 23: People with autism get help to break into the workforce with the help of this one café

Autism workers get help

Work for some people is taken for granted and is a topic to become disgruntled about at the start of every week. It is taken to be a routine part of life and is rarely viewed as something extraordinary that you need to do. However, for people who have certain developmental disabilities or have grown beyond the age to pursue public education systems, the same thing might seem like a dream. Most of the times, businesses don’t want to risk their profits by hiring people with such disabilities, and even when they do the tasks that are assigned to these people end up being menial and unsatisfactory.

However, a cafe in Sechenectady, New York is breaking this custom by employing people with autism into their workforce and giving them a chance to feel normal at life. Puzzles Bakery and Cafe has a workforce with half of them suffering from some kind of disability or the other. The cafe even has the symbol of a puzzle piece, which is significant for awareness regarding autism.

The cafe was opened in the year 2015 by Sara Mae Pratt who was inspired by Emily, her sister, who also suffers from autism. She realized that the resources available to Emily and people like her were limited, and in a world where everything is costly and having a job gives a significant sense of security, Sara opened up her cafe in order to help these people whom nobody else would help. Sara is creating an example which should inspire many others like her to help these people get back on their feet.

Source Link- https://www.today.com/money/people-autism-find-jobs-schenectady-s-puzzles-bakery-cafe-t141552

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