Uplift 22: A garbage collector saves the life of an elderly woman by pulling her into his truck during the California Camp Fire

Garbage collector saves elderly woman

A rapidly spreading Camp Fire initiated a mandatory evacuation procedure on Thursday morning. Dane Cummings, was on his ordinary route of collecting garbage in the streets of Magalia California, when the evacuation was initiated. Owing to this sudden evacuation, Cummings decided that he should go check in on the elderly residents of the area and it is during this search that he discovered Margaret Newsum out in front of her front lawn. Newsum is a 93 year old woman whose home had been serviced by Cummings for almost eight years.

Seeing the old woman Cummings decided immediately that he was going to rescue her from the imminent danger. He has humbly accepted that he has very limited knowledge about fires, but it was clear to him that if the fire came over the hill, the life of this old woman was in danger.

According to news affiliate of NBC, KCCI, Cummings approached Newsum and on doing so learnt that her caretaker had gone to his home in the morning. It is exactly then that he decided he was going to help her out. Newsum had previously broken her back during an accident, but still came out of her house in order to attract the attention of someone who could help her evacuate. She remarked that she was positive about getting out of there and then came Cummings in his big green garbage truck. Newsum called Cummings an angel and was very thankful for him having saved her life.

Source Link- https://www.today.com/news/garbage-collector-pulls-93-year-old-woman-truck-save-her-t141952


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