Uplift 21: Woman donates her wedding venue to a deserving couple after having called off her engagement

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Kolbie Sanders, had ended her engagement only a few weeks before her wedding was about to take place. After having learnt that the money which she had spent on the venue and decorations of the wedding was already tied up and she couldn’t get it back, she made a bold and generous decision. Her decision involved donating her wedding venue to a deserving couple out of a list of names that she has received on Facebook.

Sanders had made a Facebook post and video elaborating her decision and received a dearth of replies and requests. It was after collecting all the deserving names that Sanders chose Halie Hipsher. Hipsher’s name was the one that came out of the bowl when Sanders conducted a lucky draw out of all the names that she has collected.

Hipsher married Matt Jones over the weekend, at the same venue donated to her by Sanders, with Sanders being present at the duos wedding ceremony. According to a interview with TODAY Monday, which the couple and Sanders had visited, Sanders said that the decision of donating the venue was something that came naturally to her. After having realized that the wedding was not going to be hers, Sanders had asked the moderators of the venue if it could be somebody else’s wedding and hence happened this wonderful tale of generosity and kindness. Sanders stays in Tyler, Texas which is coincidentally only 30 minutes away from where Hipsher lives. Halie further added that she was overjoyed upon learning that she had been selected and even more glad after learning that the local businesses had decided to donate food, flowers and a makeover to her wedding.

Source Link- https://www.today.com/kindness/after-calling-engagement-woman-donates-wedding-venue-deserving-couple-t140387

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