Uplift 18: California evacuees surprised with food and gift cards by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga picks up the tab

Lady Gaga had to abandon her Malibu home owing to the California Woolsey Fire, but she has made it clear that she would be helping out her fellow evacuees and Los Angeles area community by helping them in whatever way she can. She has been dedicating time and effort in order to make the lives of these evacuees better than they presently are.

In order to honor the World Kindness Day the actress from “A star is born” brought fresh coffee, stacks of pizza and gift cards as a gesture of help to one of many evacuation centres in and around Los Angeles. She had posted an image of her in a Malibu baseball cap with a stack of pizzas on her hand as she is making her way into the centre.

She in a post on Twitter, elaborated that World Kindness Day was one of the favourite days of the year for her and encouraged others to engage in at least one act of kindness even if it means doing it for themselves.

She had also stopped by Pacific Palisades High School, which is a Red Cross Shelter, in order to offer food and words of encouragement, while also clicking a picture or two with the people present there.

The star has been vocal about her concern for the people affected by these fires and have encouraged them to seek emotional and mental health support. According to data, the wildfires in the state which include the Woolsey and Camp Fires have claimed as many as 48 lives and 7,600 single family homes.

Source Link- https://www.today.com/news/lady-gaga-delivers-pizza-gift-cards-california-fire-evacuation-center-t142062

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