Uplift 17: THANKSGIVING SPECIAL: Two strangers share a meal in McDonalds and it is the warmest thing ever

Strangers Sharing a Meal

Thanksgiving couldn’t have been happier due to an incident that took place in a McDonalds restaurant. Two absolute strangers shared a meal at McDonalds and the picture of the two has gone viral on the internet. Eric Haralson, a 28 year old man, met Jan; a 70 year old woman in a McDonalds restaurant on Thursday and the two shared a breakfast over laughs and warm conversation.

Haralson and Jan had gone to the restaurant to eat their breakfasts by themselves, when seeing the man; Jan approached him and asked if she could sit with him. Haralson replied with a courteous welcome, shook her hand and pulled out a chair for her to sit.

Amanda Craft, who is a teacher from Noblesville witnessed the entire incident and posted a picture on her Facebook explaining the same. “Shout out to this guy! This elderly lady (seemed to be a little lonely) came up to him and asked if she could sit with him. Without hesitation, this guy said “of course”. My friends and I watched him introduce himself and shake her hand. They talked and laughed together like they were friends. They didn’t know each other, and they couldn’t be more different. But today they shared a meal together and it touched our hearts”, is what she wrote on her Facebook profile and the picture has gathered more than 10,000 likes. Hundreds of comments have also been received at the post which seems to have touched the hearts of many people all around the world.

Source Link- https://www.today.com/food/strangers-eating-mcdonald-s-sparks-shared-viral-photo-t142054

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