Uplift 14: Minnesota man revives squirrel with CPR

Man Saves Tiny Life

Two Minnesota cops had found a man trying to revive a squirrel while out on their routine patrol. The squirrel and darted in front of the man’s car and the man was trying to revive the little creature. Officers Tony Weeks and Jeremy Halek were alarmed at the sight of a car with the driver’s door open stopped in the middle of the street, with a man bending down near the curb. They went forward to check if everything was okay only to discover the man trying to revive a squirrel with CPR.

They saw Chris Felix, a 19 year old trying to revive the little squirrel. As they approached the boy, they noticed the incredible sight and were awed at it. Officer Weeks even questioned if the man was trying to give a squirrel CPR, since it is an extraordinary sight to behold. Initially there was no response from the little squirrel as the officers approached Felix. However, in a while the animal regained senses and darted off, much to the surprise and relief of the officers and Felix.

The entire scenario was recorded in the bodycam of the officers and it was later released in the Facebook page of the Brooklyn Park Police Department. The officers were moved by the incident and they remarked that it wouldn’t be something that they would easily forget.

According to Officer Halek, it is only when nobody is actually looking that some people perform the right deeds and this tells a lot about that man’s character and who they are.

Source link- https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3039/Cops-Witness-Man-Giving-CPR-To-A-Squirrel

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