Uplift 13: Physicians to treat homeless drug users out on the street

Mark Marell fight to save city from opioids

San Francisco mayor Mark Marrell has launched a groundbreaking program which aims to deal with the opioid crisis and drug addiction problem that has plagued the Bay Area. People afflicted the most and the worst with this problem are the homeless people, who are the most vulnerable, do not have the proper facilities and above all the resources towards finding a clinic based solution for their drug problem. Clinics for homeless people are also based on the idea of people being actually interested in the treatment and as a pilot research shows, most homeless people never come in.

Mark Marrell is funding almost $6 million in funding this groundbreaking venture which would make doctors visit these homeless drug abusers out in the streets and treat them for their ailment. It employs a dedicated team of doctors and physicians who would be going up to these homeless people and prescribing buprenorphine, a drug which helps in tackling the withdrawal symptoms in drug users, out there in the streets and help them cope up and recover from their drug abuse.

Appointments can prove to be the enemy for homeless people and this program aims at eliminating the penalties or judgment associated with appointments by making doctors with treatment available to them on the streets. Barbara Garcia, the health director of San Francisco points out that this program is an important step towards addressing the crisis of drug use in the community. She further adds that this approach is crucial since it helps in being able to treat a group of people that were previously missing, owing to adherence to more traditional techniques. It approaches the homeless people with a warm hand of compassion and helps them fight their situation with the help of expert physicians.

Source Link- https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/city-hires-team-of-doctors-to-treat-addicts-on-the-street-right-where-they-are/

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