Uplift 12: Four kittens rescued from storm torn house during Hurricane Michael

Kittens Saved from Hurricane Michael

Two homeowners and a reporter had rescued four cute black and white kittens that had fallen in from the ceiling of a storm ravaged house during Hurricane Michael. The kittens that had fallen in from the ceiling during the storm are now in the care of Panama Animal Welfare Society in Fort Walton Beach city.

According to the coordinator of PAWS Manda Moore, the four kittens are around three weeks old. There are two males and two females and they are being bottle-fed at the moment and kept in care till they reach their optimal health. A nice foster home is being searched for, that would take care of the little kittens.

The homeowners had originally rescued the kittens when they had fallen in through the ceiling but had to leave them behind when they themselves had to flee the house owing to the storm. They found ABC news reporter Rob Marciano and urged him to come help the kittens. When they had visited the house after having fled it, they couldn’t find the kittens for three consecutive times, until finally discovering them. Marciano helped save the kittens from the debris and now they are being kept in a well reputed center.

Manda Moore further informed that the female kittens had been named Katrina and Opal while the males had been named Harvey and Michael. The kittens will be available for adoption in about 8 weeks once they are strong and able. This is a story of human kindness and bravery that helped save the lives of these beautiful little creatures.

Source Link- https://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/kittens-rescued-ceiling-hurricane-michael_us_5bbcc3ebe4b028e1fe41e591

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