Uplift 11: Newark principal creates a laundry room in school to curb bullying

An educator in West Side High School of Newark, New Jersey is creating headlines with his innovative tactic towards curbing bullying in school. The principal of the school Akbar Cook has created a laundry room in his school to tackle the issue of children being bullied.



Newark Prinicpal fights bullying in a unique wayHe had noticed that many of his students were skipping school on account of being teased about the condition and hygiene of their clothes by their fellow schoolmates. Cook has created the laundry room so that people who are bullied like that have the chance of cleaning their clothes in the laundry room.

According to the news outlet there had been one incident where a student had refused to let her bag be checked. It was later discovered that the girl was homeless and didn’t want her bag to be checked on account of her having dirty clothes in the bag which she had to carry to and from school. This incident urged Cook to change the locker room of the school’s football team into a laundry.

After the news about the innovative approach spread in the community, various people helped with donation of dryer sheets and detergents to curb the cost levied by the students further. As Cook added, the kids would be able to use this facility once school starts in September.

This story is an inspirational story about a man trying to curb the nuisance of bullying with a well thought of and clever technique. Cook is determined to continue being able to help and influence the lives of these students and make school a better place for them. He feels that they have enough troubles outside of school and when they come in to study, that should be a safe and friendly place.

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