Uplift 10: Detective buys hot dog for starving man

Detective buys hotdog for homeless man

A warming act of generosity was performed by a police officer in Utah, Salt Lake City. A police officer helped a starving man buy buying him food. The officer had noticed the man in a desperate condition, trying to search for and salvage food from a trash can. This urged the officer to offer to buy a hot dog for the starving homeless man.

In a kind act of compassion for a fellow human being, Detective Overman was spotted, buying the homeless man a hot dog. He was spotted by Jonathan Allen, who clicked a picture of the officer buying the homeless man a hot dog and posted it on Facebook. Allen further wrote that before being at the side of the officer the homeless man was diving into barrels of trash in a desperate attempt to find some food. The detective saw the man in the need for help and went out and called him, offering to buy a hot dog. Allen further stated that he didn’t know the name of the officer but would like to thank him for his tremendous act of generosity and kindness. It was a humbling experience for Allen and he wanted more compassionate officers like this to come forward because the less fortunate people of Salt Lake City, sure need them.

The Salt Lake City Police Department was grateful to Detective Overman and thanked him for having set a great example. In a twitter post that the police department made public, they wrote that they are proud of their officers for the compassionate services that they render to the other members of the community. They thanked Detective Overman for being a brilliant example and helping the starving man get some food.

Source Link- https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3037/Police-Officer-Spots-Homeless-Man-Digging-Through-Trash-And-Takes-Him-To-A-Restaurant

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