Uplift 5: 2018 American Hero Dog Chi Chi’s Inspiring Story Of Resilience & Compassion

Hero dog chi chi inspires all

Image Courtesy: Robert Fugate

Meet Chi Chi – the dog that has been named American Humane’s American Hero Dog for the year 2018. Chi Chi’s heart wrenching story of perseverance has inspired thousands of people around the world, as she presently continues her journey as a therapy dog.

Chi Chi was almost left to die in a trash bag inside a dumpster, until she was found by her rescuers. At the time when Chi Chi was rescued, her legs had been brutally bound by wires causing severe damage to all her four paws.

Chi Chi shortly went through a surgery in which all her four legs were amputated just above the paws. But, her story doesn’t end here! Soon, Elizabeth Howell from Arizona came forward to adopt Chi Chi, and it is then when Chi Chi surprised everyone with her immense will power. Chi Chi not only recovered from surgery, but also kept her spirits high by mingling beautifully with other pets at the Howell home.

After a lot of effort, the Howell family finally managed to get the right prostheses for Chi Chi that paved the way for her becoming a therapy dog. With her fearless and never give up spirit, Chi Chi continues to inspire people everywhere she goes. Having overcome cancerous tumors quite recently, Chi Chi has given another example of her indomitable spirit to the world out there. Today Chi Chi visits rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities to meet young and old alike, and touch them with her resilience and compassionate spirit.

Read the full story here https://www.today.com/pets/chi-chi-dog-who-lost-all-4-paws-2018-american-t138479

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