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Uplift 14: Minnesota man revives squirrel with CPR

Two Minnesota cops had found a man trying to revive a squirrel while out on their routine patrol. The squirrel and darted in front of the man’s car and the man was trying to revive the little creature. Officers Tony Weeks and Jeremy Halek were alarmed at the sight of a car with the driver’s door open stopped in the middle of the street, with a man bending down near the curb. They went forward to check if everything was okay only to discover the man trying to revive a squirrel with CPR. They saw Chris Felix, a 19 year old trying to revive the little squirrel. As they approached the boy, they noticed the incredible sight and were awed...

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Uplift 13: Physicians to treat homeless drug users out on the street

San Francisco mayor Mark Marrell has launched a groundbreaking program which aims to deal with the opioid crisis and drug addiction problem that has plagued the Bay Area. People afflicted the most and the worst with this problem are the homeless people, who are the most vulnerable, do not have the proper facilities and above all the resources towards finding a clinic based solution for their drug problem. Clinics for homeless people are also based on the idea of people being actually interested in the treatment and as a pilot research shows, most homeless people never come in.

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Uplift 10: Detective buys hot dog for starving man

A warming act of generosity was performed by a police officer in Utah, Salt Lake City. A police officer helped a starving man buy buying him food. The officer had noticed the man in a desperate condition, trying to search for and salvage food from a trash can. This urged the officer to offer to buy a hot dog for the starving homeless man.

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